All I Can Say

by Webi

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The sophomore album project by Webi, inspired largely by Faith, Love & Life


released July 25, 2009



all rights reserved


Webi Nairobi, Kenya

A Kenyan singer and songwriter based in Nairobi,
Webi has previously recorded two studio albums that alluded to his influences and love of R&B music. Recently, however, He embraced a direction change in his music and the result is the latest offering, the 3rd studio album, "Lukundo(Love)".

Airtel TRACE music star, Kenya (2015)
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Track Name: All I Can Say
VERSE : There’s so much wanna say, from my heart Lord today, it appears I have no words, I’m a humble being I don’t deserve the things you do for me. Here and now I declare there’s no one anywhere who can be what you have been, who can touch my heart who knows the way I feel my pain can heal…
CHORUS: And I really love (and I really love you), oh I really love (oh I really love you), yes I really love (I love you’s all I can say)
VERSE 2: Here’s my song for today I keep trying to relay what your presence means to me, can’t imagine me alone without a friend to call my own. You've been there from the start know the shape of my heart there’s not much that I can give, not a single word describes the comfort from we’ll never part
BRIDGE: And if somebody asks if they don’t understand if I was to try explain, if they wanted what I have, I’m sure they’d be glad you came. Cause of mercy and grace I’ll share this every place, you’re the reason I’m alive and to please you I will strive (chorus to fade)
Track Name: My Forever
VERSE: Something tells me that I’m on the right road. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain and a road never been on. Maybe maybe I did something right, there’s no measure of words that could tell all the world how the story goes.

PRE CHORUS: Heaven smiled on me and then sent me you, looking at you now I know this is true. Having said my prayers I’m sure that you’ll stay, No one has ever made me feel this way

CHORUS: You’re my forever, you’re in my everyday and I could never let that go away. Want you to remember now, I live to be yours I vow. January December that will not change, my before my after don’t find this strange and to have you I am proud, you’re the happiness I found, oh oh ooh, you’re my forever.

VERSE 2: You see lately, been counting all my blessings, if I said that I counted you once I’d be doing you injustice. You’re my lady, you’re better than fortune. You are the words to this song and the person that I sing it to..

PRE CHORUS: you are my best friend, you know all my fears. I’m confident this love will last through the years. I think the world of you, I wish you could see. You’re a diamond and you’re meant for me…
Track Name: There's A God
VERSE: If I was to turn the hands of time to take me back, to the moment I began my faith and walk, I would trust more I would let go of the reigns of life, I would even stop all kinds of faithless talk.

PRECHORUS: I was always sure that I was covered by god’s never sleeping eye I knew it in my soul. But at times my human nature came to play it got right in the way of me reaching my goal.

CHORUS: Believe me I have learned a lot along the way, I have seen His faithfulness and kindness every day. I now see that He had this plan before I came and in Him I've found the cure to all the pain, truly seen that there’s a God... And He’s always been there yea...

VERSE: Doesn't mean I have no struggles like the rest of us, only means I’m in charge of them no more. Desperation has attempted to reside with me, but according to His word it has to go.

PRE CHORUS: It is clear the life of fear is not for me, I have someone who will steer me to my victory. I won’t have it any other way, I know, I have never been so sure looking at the things I've seen


BRIDGE: For my tears He gave me joy and some laughter to enjoy I've relied on nothing greater than His love. From the time before till now He has kept all that He vowed and his mercy keeps on falling from above (till fade)
Track Name: Dance ft Neema & Rigga
CHORUS: everything you do for me, like the sound of a symphony and the groove of a new beat, makes me wanna dance

VERSE (WEBI): You’ve got me excited in a way so, so elevated. For so long I had waited, you’re more than I anticipated. Got a spring to my stepping now. In my life (yea) its spring now. Oh so beautiful,oh so wonderful..

PRE CHORUS (WEBI & NEEMA): You make me so happy, you love me and I love you too.


VERSE (NEEMA): Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear. You’ve got me protected by your angels surrounding. I walk unafraid yea, you’re my Emmanuel
(Pre chorus)

(RIGGA): I'ma do the Harlem shake with all my might coz I know I won the battle but it wasn't my fight, it's ai'ght to be a little undignified, just as long as He gets the limelight.
No vodka, gin, no beer no Bacardi, Jesus Christ is the life of the party. The least I could do coz He got me outa trouble, I'm free to move, I'm free to do the shuffle now. It's time you learn the U-turn, God's gift is greater than anything you earn. Kwa Yale God ame-do nita-do kangaroo, so amazing so it's true that, (you make me) thunder-clap, pon-bank, pon-de swing gimme a run now (you love me) I'ma do a 1st John 4:8 step in the name of love...
Track Name: Twamhitaji
UBETI: Nitakiri siku zote kwamba pendo lako ni la kudumu. Hakuna wa kufana nawe uliyekuwa tangu siku za kale, siku za kale…
KIPOKEO TANGULIZI: Mungu wa ajabu, kimbilio langu, Mweza yote na sifu. Nakuinamia uliyenifia ni kwako utukufu.
KIPOKEO: Yanibidi sibadili nyimbo hizi niwapashe habari. Mhifadhi wa maisha anabisha awe kwetu mfariji..
UBETI : Rafiki wa kila msimu kitachotutenganisha si kitu. Yaliyonifadhaisha ninayakabidhi kwako hakika, hakika.
KIPOKEO TANGULIZI: Ninatumaini wema na fadhili zipo kwa kila siku. Wanisimamia wanipigania, na siendi kuzimu
Track Name: I Need Thee
VERSE: Precious Lord I need you now, no other place can peace be found. The waves of life grow tall by day, If you don’t come then will dismay….
CHORUS: Oh I need thee Lord I need thee, every hour, I need thee. Bless me now my savior, I come to thee.
VERSE: Precious Lord I need you still, indeed your presence do reveal. I really want to know your will, your peace in my heart let me feel
BRIDGE: Oh how I need thee (every hour)
(Chorus)... I come to thee
Track Name: Keep The Dream
VERSE: Every person has a vision of what they want to achieve, just who they wanna be. It’s a mystery we wanna solve, revelation receive. yes we just want to see…
PER CHORUS: And we know we’re not the same, don’t have the same names, we have different destinies. Every man, woman, boy and girl, in us is a pearl, a special ability.
CHORUS: Keep the dream alive don’t let it die, there’s about a million things you’ll try, you have your purpose in this life. Keep the dream alive don’t let it go, tells you what you’re here on earth for, if you don’t then you’ll never know… keep the dream (hold on, hold on to it…keep the dream)
VERSE: Every dream is a reality if we hope if we wait. It’s our own destiny. And if only we could realize, to visualize is the key to our eventually.
PRE CHORUS: Life is more than struggling to live, wondering what to give to save our humanity. There is so much we have for free, forget vanity and for our dreams strive to live...
BRIDGE: Everything here and now was in a dream somehow and it just took some time to be realized. Every word that we speak is a moment we streak with the power to harness creation. With the faith we possess we should only confess, the things that define our ambition…
Track Name: Givin' it up
VERSE: The power to save is beyond us, when we’re faced with the worst of our wars. We could rise up to fight we are soldiers, then, we find we’re outnumbered by foes. There’s a God I believe that He conquers, see, the battle’s not mine it’s not yours. Now that’s reason to sing Him a chorus, coz we’re in for a win not a loss…

CHORUS: I’m givin’ it up now I’m fighting no more. I’m not gonna as how I’m just gonna soar. In Him I’m a winner I’m winning for sure, He forgave the sinner He gave his life for.

UBETI: Masaibu yanapotukumba, kiangazi kinapoanza. Mashaidi wanapogeuka, tunaye anyetupenda. Tukipezwa tukidhulumiwa, tuna pa kukimbilia. Msaada kwa dira za giza, mashaka atazimaliza..

KIPOKEO: Ninamuachia sijipiganii. Na sitouliza nipae na nini. Sasa nitashinda Mshindi kweli, msamaha kanipa kanimiliki.

BRIDGE: True freedom lies in surrender and your battle was won at the cross, for the this reason He is my defender and by me He remains close…

(English then Swahili chorus interchange)
Track Name: Praise
CHORUS: Im’a throw my hands up, im’a get my praise on and if you ask me why, it’s because He brought me this far (repeat)
VERSE: Oh lord you’re a great God, my rock of salvation. I stand before you’re presence and I shout with joy. Whenever I’m down Lord you lift me up. Whenever I’m sad you wipe my tears….
PRE CHORUS: I will praise you, all of my days. You are worthy, of all my praise.
VERSE: You know my going out and my coming in, Lord you know my heart and you still love me. Fight my battles for me and you give me bread daily, you wipe my tears, you’re always there for me
(Pre chorus)
Track Name: Save This Land
VERSE: There’ so many battles that we’re fighting. There’ so many tears that we have shed. In this very day hatred is rising, many hearts from pain have really bled.

PRE CHORUS: There’s this cold blowing wind that gets colder as the days go by…
CHORUS: We need your healing hand come save this land, without you there’s no promise of tomorrow. Change our circumstance, cast a loving glance, or we’ll have no reason to live for… overlook our weakness and our sin, bring us to you.

VERSE: Uncertainty has knocked on our doors and despair wants to abide with us. If we don’t have you then we have nothing, as a nation we have one desire…

PRE CHORUS: Come stop this cold blowing wind that gets colder as the days go by.
Track Name: Uliyeumba (Mbingu Na Nchi) ft Mbuvi
UBETI: Mfano wa upendo wako, ni ulivyo tupa mwanao, pendo dhahiri. Vitendo vya kuhangaisha, maneno ya kudhoofisha, ulistahimili. Kwa badala yetu sisi, kafa msalabani, uhakika wa faraja kamili. Nafsi zetu kaziosha, maisha ya upili, hivi tulivyo tu viumbe vipya a a a a..

KIPOKEO: Nashangazwa ulivyo yajali yetu maisha, wema wako, hauna kifani. Ni wewe pekee unayefaa kuabudiwa siku zote, ulieumba mbingu na nchi..

Nue kwakwa ivia yitathingithaw’a,
Nue kwakwa thayu wa tene na tene eee
Ila nai Mwau wambukililye wangwatiiya
Nue Ngwisilasya nue waw’o nue eee

Nzeng’aswa nzeng’aswa ni maundu maku monthe
Nzeng’aswa nzeng’aswa ni wendo waku kwakwa Vava
Nzeng’aswa nzeng’aswa ta nzenga nzenye usenyo
Nue wakwa waw’o nue Mwiai