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Nawonie mwai ugokie Sana, iguo.
Odeka na waghenyi wake, ini, chia rapo.
Jingi siwonie, mwai ugokie huwo.
Nasinda nikimlola, lakini ndeuko

(TRANS: I saw a really beautiful girl the other day. She was with her friends & I was about my business. i'd never seen such a beautiful girl before. I've been looking for her but can't find her)

Waendie hao? (Where did she go?)
Mzawo ni hao? (Where's she from)

Nawemlola eeh nawemlola, nawemlola na dime
Nawemlola eeh nawemlola, nawemlola na kio.

(I am searching for her day and night).

Diwonana lii?
Nawewesera dikuane.
Nawelomba kila ituku,
Mlungu uniredie mkundwa wapo,
Wapo Wa Kala na Kala.

(When will we see each other? I am waiting for when we will meet. I'm praying every day that God will bring me my loved one, my loved one for ever)

Naweweseria. (I'm waiting)
Nawemlombia. (I'm praying for him)

Nawewesera, eh nawewesera, nawewesera na dime
Nawewesera, eh nawewesera, nawewesera na kio

(I'm waiting day and night)

Nambona nikienda chia mbuwenyi
Nikamanya ni omoni.
Naweserie na Sena wanilolie,
Dikundane kwa Kala.

(Him; I saw her on the way to the farm and I knew she was the one
Her; I waited, and he searched for me. We shall love each other forever).

Namlolie eh namlolie, namlolie na dime
Nikamlola eh nikamlola, nikamlola na kio.

(I searched for her in the day and at night)

Naweserie eh naweserie, naweserie na dime.
Nikawesera eh nikawesera, nikawesera na kio

(I waited by day and night)


from Lukundo (Love), released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Webi Nairobi, Kenya

A Kenyan singer and songwriter based in Nairobi,
Webi has previously recorded two studio albums that alluded to his influences and love of R&B music. Recently, however, He embraced a direction change in his music and the result is the latest offering, the 3rd studio album, "Lukundo(Love)".

Airtel TRACE music star, Kenya (2015)
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